All the way back… to 1916. That’s where our tasty tale started and has been traveling with backpacks loaded with bottles of joy !! Our unique preparation by a team of beverage experts is what we take pride of. With prime concern over the well being of our customers, our healthy composition is definite to thrill your taste buds.


A fully automated state of the art facility to table out all our manufacturing requirements, greatly assists in the profound success of brand kalimark. Advanced tech on par with international players, Kalimark has left no stone unturned to ensure an optimum operational performance and a premium quality drink. Constantly in lieu with market trends, Kalimark strives to provide the best that there is.


We have a pile of skilled and experienced professionals, which we call Kalimark's backbone. We believe the success of Kalimark brand is the yield through the right human resource. Our team is the pride of Kalimark, we always boast of and it proves the directly proportional factor of best resources, best product.


If its Kalimark, then the next striking name would be PVSK Palaniappa Nadar. It was a bright start in 1916, a lustrous journey from the place Virudhupatti now known as Virudhunagar. Kalimark got its root firmed and popularity widespread than ever before. The emblem flew far across the globe and it was just vibrant.

The business accomplished its new heights by the younger generation. In 1959, Cities like Chennai, Tirunelveli, Madurai, were the next to enjoy the famous drink Bovonto, a soft beverage in 1959. It was Bovonto that stood as the foundation for Kalimark to experience the championship of soft drinks. Kalimark got its firm shape ever since the release of Bovonto. The journey hasn't stopped. The grandsons and the great grandsons have taken Kalimark to a far excelling extent to several towns of TamilNadu.

Kalimark has numerous accomplishments in the past decade and has a solid place in the market in the last decade. With an equipped manufacturing unit, Kalimark has shown a remarkable output. The pet bottles that have been sent out of the plant, has not just quenched the thirst, but has built trust among the customers.